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Description of the commercial terms

Distributor name

Immortals Europe S.A.S.U, Immortals Collectibles Ltd.


Representative Director and President: Patrick Grange.


100 rue Maryse Bastié
69008 Lyon



Sales price

The sale prices don’t include taxes. Taxes will be calculted in your cart.

Required payment other than the price of goods

  • The delivery fee including the consumption tax and the prescribed shipping fee will be borne by the customer. The Company will add them to the price of goods in your invoice.
  • Import duties, value-added taxes, customs fees, etc. that will be imposed for overseas delivery will be borne by the recipient receiving the goods. The courier will charge the recipient at the delivery place.
  • For goods indicated with “Pre-order”, preorder deposit will be charged at the time of your order. The pre-order will become effective upon the completion of your payment of reservation deposits.
  • Product Price does not include consumption tax, shipping and handling charges.

Payment Method

  • (For overseas transaction) PayPal payment and credit card are available through Stripe.
  • For PayPal payments, monthly installment payment is available. In case of installment payment, when all payment is completed, the company will start to prepare delivery of the goods.
  • Please be aware that if you cannot receive the item because of an address error or absence, and it becomes a return, round trip delivery and custom fee will be charged.

Method of payment

PayPal settlement
  • The goods in stock will be settled to your PayPal account on the shipping date.
  • The reserved goods will settle to your PayPal account at the time as your order of the reserved goods. The balance excluding the amount of the reservation deposit will be settled on the shipping date.
Bank wire remittance
  • Please contact info@immortals-europe.com for a Bank transfer payment. We have to speak with you before accepting this type of payment.

Delivery of goods

  • The goods in stock are usually delivered within 7 business days after the Company received your order.
  • The Company will inform you of the delivery date for the preordered goods by e-mail as soon as the delivery date is determined.
  • Please note all our goods ship directly from China.

Withdraw of order for sales and purchase agreement

  • You may cancel the reserved/preordered goods if you send e-mail regarding cancellation of your order to info@immortals-europe.com within 24 hours after the effectiveness of reservation order. After such deadline, you may not cancel the order of reserved goods and the Company may not refund the reservation deposit for any reason, except cases where the Company will not be able to prepare the said goods.

Return and Exchange of Goods and Shipping Costs for Return and Exchange

Except for the following cases, the delivered good may be returned or exchanged due to its defect or initial malfunction by sending an e-mail to the Company (e-mail address: info@immortals-europe.com) within 30 days after the receipt by the member who purchased goods or the recipient. The Company will judge any defects or initial malfunction of the goods at its discretion.

Cases of refused replacement:

  • (1) 31 days have elapsed after the delivery of goods.
  • (2) no e-mail has been sent to the Company regarding return or exchange within 30 days after the receipt by the Recipient.
  • (3) the goods were purchased via other websites or parties than the Company.
  • (4) any other person or entity than the Recipient requests to return or exchange.
  • (5) the Company received the request of return or exchange by shipping from any other areas than the delivery area/country at the time of purchase of goods.
  • (6) the member registration has already been deleted.
  • (7) damage, defect, breakdown, dirt, incomplete occurred due to the Recipient’s responsibility after its receipt of goods.
  • (8) breakage, dirt, incompleteness of packing material, package, carton box occurred in the course of return of the goods.
  • (9) the Company judged no defects or initial malfunction of the goods.
  • (10) any other cases when the Company judged as inappropriate.

If you wish to return the goods due to your circumstances, you shall bear damage fees and round-trip shipping fees for return of the goods.